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Discipline Toddlers in a Loving Way

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    01. Discipline Toddlers in a Loving Way

Do you want to understand your toddler better, know the reasons for his filings, and how to address those fillings? Do you want a happy toddler with utmost trust in you and build a connection that will last throughout the years?

In Discipline Toddlers in a Loving Way, parents and caregivers learn to shift and reframe their perspective on toddler behavior in order to be able to get a clear idea of where toddler’s behaviors are coming from. Parents and caregivers will learn that what often is viewed as challenging “problem” behaviors is really just communication. Our toddlers are communicating with us always, in the best way they know how: their behavior.

This audiobook also offers a fresh perspective for those that find themselves feeling like their toddler’s temper tantrums make them want to have their own temper tantrum! Parents and caregivers will learn specific strategies for all stages of the toddler temper tantrum: how to prevent, how to ride it out safely, and how to reconnect once it has passed.

You will learn about:

  • Toddler psychology and developmental phases to help parents and caregivers better understand their toddler’s behaviors
  • Specific information about how to guide your toddler through better eating, sleeping, and playing routines and habits that will last a lifetime
  • Big feelings strategy for parents and caregivers to help their toddlers (and themselves!) safely work through the temper tantrum phase, including prevention and reconnection
  • The risks and ineffectiveness of punishment and alternatives that promote healthier outcomes both now and, in the future
  • How to handle common issues, such as toddler sharing and tech use.
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    01. Discipline Toddlers in a Loving Way

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